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Destruction of our Beloved Country

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The Liberal government is set to bring in new regulations to force Canada's electricity grid to net zero by 2035. Let’s talk about this, as it is the Facts that Matter.

Just as we are getting over the impact of the increases in the carbon tax – or are we? - our fearless leaders in Ottawa, Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault, our illustrious Environment Minister, are set to bring in regulations to make Canada's electricity grid net zero by 2035.

What do we face so far?

To our federal government, it does not matter that more than 7 million people in Canada cannot afford to eat and heat. Or that more than 700,000 people face homelessness, and 330 people per day in the first three months of 2023 had to file for personal bankruptcy, an increase of 24.8% compared to 2021.

Those are only people, families, and children. Our neighbours, our friends and those we may not know. The hidden, out-of-sight, out-of-mind thousands in Canada languishing in poverty, made worse by government spending and environmental taxes.

[1] © <a href=''>captainvector</a>, <a href=''>123RF Free Images</a>

Guilbeault has his Dream Job.

Give Steven Guilbeault credit? At age five, he climbed trees to save a part of his family’s local environment. That led our illustrious Minister of the Environment to be more than once charged for his antics. The most famous was scaling the CN Tower in Toronto and unfurling a banner that said, Canada and Bush Climate Killers.”

That was in 2001, and now Canada faces death by a thousand cuts. British Columbia is facing a $28 billion drop in its GDP, and each day, more and more people are being added to the rolls of people experiencing homelessness, bankruptcy, and not being able to eat or heat. Add to that the federal government debt that now sees Prime Minister Trudeau “Robbing Peter to pay Paul,” with their most recent move to strip $1 billion from the armed forces to pay bills elsewhere.

Damn the torpedoes, damn the negative impacts on the people but save the environment. Our illustrious Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault is finally getting what he has always wanted.

I am the Messenger

Don’t shoot the messenger. I am not against saving the environment. I am against the Liberal government forcing actions on us that are not good for the environment, good for the people and are not sustainable.

I only outline the facts that matter and suggest that the present approach by the federal government does not consider the impacts on people. For any policy or action to be successful in protecting the environment, it must be good for the environment and the people and be sustainable.

Where is any of this good for the people, and do we think all these costs are sustainable? I would also ask, is putting up thousands of wind turbines or flooding vast valleys to generate hydropower, all promoted by Guilbeault, good for the environment?

In Canada, we have thousands being added to depths of poverty, all statistics going in the wrong direction, and the government now having to “Rob Peter to Pay Paul.”

There is a Better Way

Yes, there is a better way. The first step is for the Liberal government to be open and honest with us – or is that too much to ask? We hear about the regulations and why we need them but never about what they will cost. We also never have discussions about what may be a better way.

Why do you think we are not told the truth about what this all will cost?

The End

All statistics are going in heading in the wrong direction. And adding regulations to make electrical generation in Canada net zero by 2030 will only speed up our trip to the bottom. The impacts under the present federal government approach are clear: Damn the negative effects on our population.

Is that what we want?

Best wishes from all of us at ...

Facts that Matter is part of a boutique firm in Vancouver, Canada, working to do the world a world of good by promoting truth in government and by assisting businesses and First Nations to address their social, environmental, and economic interests through the lens of a Circular Economy.

Contact us today to discuss how we may help you to achieve your goals towards doing the world a world of good, implementing actions that are good for the people for the planet and are profitable and sustainable.

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