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“I Don’t do Shakeups” (Trudeau 2015) & Not Much Else That Works Either

There is a happy cabinet minister, and I just about missed it; look

who is the background

Well, we have gone through a Liberal Government shakeup. Nothing exciting there, but a reminder in 2021, the official line from Trudeau was, I “don't do shakeups.” And yet here is one now. What changed?

Could it have been the leader of the NDP still hoping to get to 2025 when his gold-plated pension kicks in?

What Needs a Shakeup?

What about all the other things that need shaking up?

We still do not have a public enquiry for the Chinese interference. This has somewhat dropped off the radar screen it would seem. My prognostication: it will get announced just before an election call and then once again be dropped on the back burner.

The latest; a slew of medical professionals wrote in the prestigious British Medical Journal that we need a public enquiry into the federal handing of the COVID response. They cited, among other things, the millions of dollars wasted on purchased vaccinations we did not need, and no plans made to help the less privileged countries. I can attest to one country that needed help because I was stuck there during COVID.

Peru experienced one of the highest mortality rates in the world. They worked hard to vaccinate people, but millions could not be helped. It was tough watching the hearses go to the funeral homes and then to the cemeteries. 100’s per day while the liberal government sat on millions of vaccines. I just must ask the one question: “Why”

There is the question of the money been thrown at global warming and climate change. Is it having an impact? Trudeau would like us to believe it is, but it is the facts that matter. The facts tell a much different story.

With the miniscule global impact anything that Canada does, we could put all our money to reducing global warming and Canada’s impact would mean “dick.”

On a national scale, one only has to look at the impact, and Trudeau has not hit one target yet. But they keep throwing money at it. There has to be a better way and there is, but politically it takes time, so we do not hear about it. I hope that people will start asking the question; “Is adaptation” a better way to go to reduce the impacts from global warming and climate change? (For more information see our blog: Mitigation or Adaption - How to Address Climate Change with Facts that Matter).

Just a short lesson in “adaptation.” You move into the forest/urban interface. What a lovely piece of land. Loaded with trees and natural brush. The natural beauty surrounds your house. That is allowed, that is OK, and then we have a forest fire season like this year and too late to be thinking about adaptation.

I do not profess to be an expert, but there are ways to “fireproof” your house from forest fires. Maybe not 100% but wouldn’t fireproofing to 75% be worth it? At least you might have a fighting chance.

What about your roof? Do you have one of those beautiful shake roofs that can catch fire with a tinder? I know there are shake roofs that now come with fire retardant, so might that be a start?

There is the fiasco with housing and immigration. We already have a housing crisis and now we are letting thousands more join us and look what has happened. There is a fight now on who is going to pay for housing where all the immigrants in Toronto are homeless and living in the street.

What about all the folks dying from fentanyl overdoses? A report by the Solicitor General of British Columbia stated, “

Throughout the province, three health authorities – Vancouver Coastal, Island and Northern – reported record high rates of death in the first quarter of the year (2023).” Eight-hundred and 14 people have died in the first 4 months which equates to 6.9 people per day. So much for the “give them free drug policy of the Trudeau government that is not working. But if they change the direction, the liberal will be admitting they failed. We cannot have that can we? Trudeau would rather have blood on his hands as he has no accountability.

And last but not least; a Prime Minister who has been found guilty 3 times of a conflict of interest by accepting personal benefits for family travel, and.....


There is much more, and we will see what happens. Does all this matter to the voting public? Or will it all be looked over? Will all those who supported Trudeau, continue to support him like the Republicans continue to support Trump even though he was found guilty of rape, and now faces a long list of charges under the espionage act?

Our leaders have stooped to a low, when they think a simple “sorry I done that” is sufficient. It sort of shows the character of a leader doesn’t it.

We know what we will get with another Trudeau government. We may not know what we will get from a conservative government, but can it get any worse?

Each must decide for themselves.

Best wishes from The Facts That Matter”

Vancouver, Canada

Facts that Matter is part of a boutique firm in Vancouver, Canada, working to do the world a world of good by promoting truth in government and by assisting business and First Nations to address their social, environmental, and economic interests through the lens of a Circular Economy.

Contact us today to discuss how we may help you to achieve your goals towards doing the world a world of good implementing actions that are good for the people, for the planet and are profitable and sustainable.

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