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It's only Canadian Money

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We spend $15 billion on a battery plant and then argue how many of the jobs will be filled by Canadian workers. Only in Canada, hey....

Did you know that Trudeau and his Liberal government gave a Korean company $15 billion to build a battery plant in Canada?

Did you know that imported Korean workers will fill up to 900 of the 1,600 jobs? That’s right, you saw it here as it is the Facts that Matter.

The Company’s Excuse?

They suggest they need to bring in “temporary specialized global supplier staff” to build the plant.

The company has suggested the 1,600 “temporary jobs” are over and above the full-time workers that will be hired.

The Liberal Government Excuse?

Federal Minister François-Philippe Champagne said he expects the foreign workers to make up a small percentage of the total.

That sounds like political double-speak to me. What do you think?

How can the company come out and make a statement – at least put numbers on the table, but our illustrious government has to make a statement that leaves me with the taste in my mouth that they are hiding something or don’t know what they are talking about? Which is it?

Free Trade Agreement

We have a Free Trade deal with Korea that allows workers to come to Canada. Now the debate is on – how many and for how long?

The Liberals got caught with their pants down – again. They did not come clean initially because they did not want us to know or did not negotiate any of this into the $15 billion agreement. Which is it?

The End

Just like all the hoopla over climate change policies and how wonderful the Liberals are on those, we will have to wait a couple of years for the plant to be operating to see how well we did with creating Canadian jobs with our hard-earned money.

Like many others, a potential disaster pushed out beyond the next election.

Why can’t the Liberal government just be upfront with us? All we want are the Facts that Matter.

Best wishes ...

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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