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Kleenex Leaving Canada exposes what ails us

It is the facts that matter, and the facts point to an ailing economic climate

Say goodbye to your favourite box of Kleenex in Canada[1]

Canadians with runny noses and teary eyes will soon have replace their Kleenex with something else. The company that makes the iconic brand has announced it is pulling its famous facial wipes from the country.

Their excuse? "Unique complexities?” What the heck is that?

A company does not leave if it is making money. It is the facts that matter. The complexities probably point to not making money. And this premise is supported by experts who suggest “the decision certainly came down to the bottom line.”

[1]Wikipedia. All the intricacies don’t matter; what matters is the question of whether Canada has a good business climate. Ask most people running a business, many of whom are struggling, and they will tell you that taxes, government regulations, and inefficient government bureaucracy are significant factors they face.

And a big one for companies that may want to come in is protectionism. Airlines, your cellphone provider, and banking are examples of industries that are all protected. Compared to one country I am familiar with, the added cost per year for my cellphone is $600 per year. The banks continue to make record profits while thousands in Canada continue to suffer from extremely high-interest rates and take a look at airline ticket prices. Vancouver to a favourite US destination is $1,500. Seattle to the same location is $750.

Does protectionism help us, or provide a platform for inefficiency and making lots of money for those companies inside the tent?

Kleenex leaving Canada exposes what ails our country from attracting new business. It is the facts that matter, and we have not even covered who created this mess – that would make you cry.

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