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Mining for EVs

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New EVs mean more mining, more environmental impact, and more cost. These are just a few of the concerns the government does not want us to know about.

The Impact of Mining

Did you know that to meet Trudeau’s and the Liberal government’s conversion to EVs, we will need six times the amount of critical minerals that are presently mined and more than 380 new mines to supply this?

The alternative is to buy the minerals from China, which controls 85% of the world's production. So much for costs going down. And do you think the minerals will be environmentally sourced?

We will also need new infrastructure, roads, tailing ponds, and more that will create environmental concerns, including land use conversion and loss of critical habitat.

These are all difficult questions, and we have not been allowed into the discussions. We need to know the true impacts, as it is the facts that matter.

The End

Trudeau and his government demanding that we all switch to EVs by 2030 is probably another climate change target Canada will not meet. This push is dependent upon the cost of vehicles going down, significant environmental benefits and having the infrastructure in place to satisfy all the new electrical and other demands. A large order when we look at just the negative environmental impacts of supplying all the new minerals and mines we will need.

The year 2030 is only six years away. We are not looking at a long-term horizon. This is scary stuff.

Please click this link to read a more detailed discussion of this topic: Trudeau’s Green Energy Policy Means More Mining.

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