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“Oh”, who is on the take and no truth in Politics?

Opposing Foreign Agent Registry: People Offered Money and Bus Ride to Join Parliament Hill Protest[1]

The Race Card

Over the past few weeks, Senator Oh, one of our illustrious Canadian Senate members, has pulled out the race card to protest Canada moving forward on a foreign registry. Something that that most Canadians want.

[1]EPOCH TIMES (June 24, 2023). Link to Article

I first reported on this issue after having read the proposed Foreign Registry Bill. Senator Oh suggests the proposed Bil promotes “anti-Chinese sentiment” and is a “disguised Chinese Exclusion Act” that will be used to suppress future generations.

Senator Oh went further in trying to drive a wedge between all of us by suggesting, “100 years ago, as part of the #ChineseExclusionAct, Canada forced all Chinese people in the country to register or face deportation. How can we prevent this registry from becoming a modern form of Chinese exclusion?” Woo wrote. “Time to speak out.”

Nothing is further from the truth and It is the facts that matter. Something obvious that Senator Oh does not appear to believe in.

The Facts that Matter

The proposed Bill does not mention any country. Senator Oh is just dead wrong, and one has to ask, “why is he such a staunch critic,” attempting to rile up the Toronto Chinese community with lies, damn lies?

Senator Oh has been promoting a parliamentary petition against a foreign registry, which finally came out that he was the author. Why was Senator Oh trying to hide the facts that matter?

Why has Senator Oh not disclosed he was found guilty of a Conflict of Interest while representing Canada in China? Appointed by then Governor General David Johnston, Senator Oh was found guilty for accepting and then failing to disclose an all-expenses-paid trip to China for himself and two other senators.

Nowhere in the law speaks or could even remotely be considered as supporting a “modern form of Chinese exclusion.” Fear mongering at its best by Senator Oh.

One must wonder why Senator Oh is so adamantly opposed when most Canadians want a foreign registry? Could it be that he is “friends” with the Chinese Consul General, where the two of them attended a May 28 event in Montreal supporting of opposition to the creation of a foreign registry act?

We only ask the questions; it the facts that matter.

The Protest

As reported by other outlets, Senator Oh said he would sponsor dozens of buses to transport hundreds of Chinese protesters from Toronto to Ottawa on June 24, 2023, to join a protest on Parliament Hill “to protect our legal rights and interests.”

One organizer suggested they have 28 buses ready to go, down from the original 50 they said they would have, and organizers offered each participant a $15 “lunch subsidy” in the form of a Walmart gift card, reported The Epoch Times.

The End.

Most Canadians favour a foreign registry as part of a solution to combat foreign influence in our democratic protests and we have to wonder why Senator Oh is so adamantly opposed and not sticking to the facts that matter while representing us through his senatorial interests.

This is not an issue of racism; this is an issue of what we need collectively in Canada to protect our legitimate interests. Show me one issue that someone cannot pull out the race card to attempt to deflect the issue. Senator Oh, for me and most Canadians your staunch position is disingenuous, and is not supported by the facts that matter.

Best wishes from all of us at Facts that Matter...

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