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The Debate about a Foreign Registry – Facts That Matter

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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Only in Canada – eh?

Some are for and some against a Foreign Registry – sounds like “NIMBY,” and interesting who is speaking out for the “No” side—a Senator of our illustrious Canadian Government.

The Senator is out of touch with the mainstream in Canada and has vowed to take 50 busloads of his constituents to protest the introduction of a Foreign Registry Bill, which you can read by following this LINK.

The Senator is against the Foreign Registry Bill, as he suggests the proposed law is “unfair” and “very problematic” because it targets specific countries rather than preventing infiltration from all countries. The Senator goes on the express that he will lead the demonstration to oppose “anti-Chinese sentiment.”

I Read the Bill

I read the Bill, and nowhere does it mention China. There is a blank section for adding countries, including a particular process for adding or removing countries. But, because a country is put on the list through a process equal to all, is that serious harassment and (a) stigmatization risk for racialized communities,” as the Senator suggests?

The pertinent section is Section 8, which reads, “After taking into account reports from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians or the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the Governor in Council may, by order, amend the schedule by adding, changing or deleting the name of a country.”

What is wrong with that? Does that form the basis for “serious harassment and (a) stigmatization risk for racialized communities,” as the Senator suggests? Not in my books.

Maybe the Senator should stop politicizing the issue and get on board with protecting our democratic process. His statements are bold-faced lies and are only putting barriers up to bring all Canadians and its residents together to fight for what our fathers and grandfathers fought for over the past 100 years – free and informed elections through an unfettered and democratic process.

Essential Parts of the Bill The essential parts of the Bill are:

  • Whereas foreign governments, entities and agents regularly seek to influence the policies of the Government of Canada;

  • Some foreign states engage in acts of foreign interference to advance foreign political interests and influence Canadian officials and decision-makers.

  • Whereas some foreign states engage in acts of interference and intimidation of individuals, groups of individuals or organizations to influence the outcome of Canada’s electoral processes.

The country can be put on the list by following the process outlined in Section 8.

Is there anyone who does not believe the above to be true? Pretty hard to fathom when most Canadians have been calling for a public enquiry to get to the bottom of the dirty work of how our democratic process is being attacked.

Fear Mongering at Its Best

The lengths some will go to are amazing – and how easy they find it to bald-faced lie. It is so easy for anyone to provide a conclusion based upon a “Projection” without offering any proof of what they suggest being true. The Senator goes down that road, obviously attempting to politicize the issue to what he thinks his constituents want to hear rather than explaining the truth– it is the facts that matter. The Senator is doing us all a disservice and especially his constituents.

To wrap up – with the words of the Senator – fear mongering at its best, he suggests:

He would liken the foreign agent registry to a “disguised Chinese Exclusion Act” that will be used to suppress future generations, adding that the Canadian intelligence agency could randomly target Chinese businesses should the bill pass into law. – Not True

“Even in the future, when you come to see me about an issue, our intelligence agency can say at any time, if you’re part of a business association coming to see Senator Oh, then ‘what are you discussing? Are you trying to influence our domestic affairs and influence Senator Oh?’ This could happen, if they think you haven’t registered. So this is a kind of disguised Chinese Exclusion Act.” – Fearmongering and based upon what?

“If we don’t stand up and demand fairness, our future young people will find it difficult to climb up [the ladder] within major organizations and the government. And you won’t be able to rise up, because you’ll always face suppression. This is why we must stand up, primarily for their sake, for the next generation, and the generation after that,” he said. – More of the same fearmongering.


Most have probably lost count of the number of times our politicians have lied to us. It is almost numbing – and the Senator just delivered another one.

The actions of the Senator are disconcerting. He has politicized a critical issue to all Canadians, taking a typical approach to impart what he suggests is negative and not true rather than talking about how to make the Bill even better. Isn’t that his job as a Senator?

All the best from

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