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Trudeau not calling HAMAS terrorist?

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What have the Liberals to hide by blocking CBC from coming clean on not calling Hamas Terrorists?

Trudeau and the Liberals will not call Hamas Terrorists; this raises two questions about why.


In 2002, Canada designated Hamas a terrorist organization. This designation has not changed, but CBC is telling all that the term “terrorist” should not be used. Now we have Trudeau and his liberals, along with the NDP and Bloc, stopping a Conservative motion to have CBC execs report why they are taking a “non-terrorist” designation position to a parliament committee.

Question 1: Why won’t CBC call Hamas terrorists, and was there interference from Trudeau and the Liberals?

Did you know we provide about $1.5 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars to support the CBC? Beyond the issue of a lack of equality in the radio marketplace, as the “owners,” we have a right to know.

Foreign Influence?

Consider Trudeau’s block of holding a Commission to address Chinese and foreign interference in our national affairs. Although promised, we still do not have anything moving.

In addition, China does not consider Hamas ruling the Gaza Strip a terrorist organization. Could it be Trudeau and the Liberals are quietly changing Canada’s position on Hamas? Is there truth to this, or is this a conspiracy theory?

Question 2. Is Trudeau and his Liberals afraid to offend China?

The End

Always questions. What do you think? Is Trudeau hiding something? No matter what one thinks of Israel, there is no question what Hamas should be called, and our illustrious CBC should have been brought out on the carpet. It is the Facts that Matter.

Best wishes ...

Vnacouver, BC

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