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We have Choices to Make

We are at a Crossroads. I am afraid our country is falling apart.

What do we have?

All around us, we have problems. Some affect us personally; some affect our friends and neighbours and some affect people we do not know.

· Interest rates are climbing and the estimate is that 65% of people with variable rate mortgages will be hit with their tipping point. That is the point where the monthly payment does not cover the interest.

· Rents are skyrocketing. A one-bedroom in Toronto, just listed at $2,400 per month

· Food costs up 30 – 50 percent, depending who you listen to.

· Food banks running out of food with 5.8 million Canadians, including 1.4 million children facing food insecurity every day.

· Health System broken.

· Homelessness is increasing. Numbers are hard to come by – but estimates are that on any given day, 25,000 – 30,000 people are homeless on the street.

Do I Speak the Obvious?

I believe I speak of the obvious. We have a serious problem in our country and time to stop blaming everyone else; the war in Ukraine, the other political party, Russia, and......

Any excuse is an excuse to deflect the issue; that we have a serious problem we need to address. If we lead, the leaders will follow – do I have the answer on how to do that?

Not really, but putting our heads together, we can come up with an answer. Time to stop expecting our politicians to fix this – all we get from our Leader is, to me tired rhetoric that is not based upon any truth or consequence.

I could provide many examples, but that would be my frustration showing. This article is about truth and consequence. My truth and my consequence.


We are in serious trouble in our country – we have not seen, heard, or yet felt the pain. That is coming and we have two choices:

Continue down the path we are on – I call it, to be polite, deflecting the problem

Quickly develop a strategy and action plan to get us out of this mess.

What Will It Take?

The answer to that question is simple: Money we do not have.

What this will take is finding new funding streams that can deliver us a lot of money principled on the basis of a circular economy considering the impacts on people, the planet and sustainability.


We are in serious trouble in our country and 1000’s of citizens will be impacted. We continue to do what we have always done; not address issues with truth and consequence. Or we can recognize there are solutions that we need to embrace.

At Sustainable Circular Economy we are passionate about doing the world a world a good and evaluating options towards environmental sustainability against the backdrop of a circular economy where the considerations are what is best for the people, the planet and sustainability.

If you, your community or business wishes some help through this morass, to identifying reasonable solutions, we would love to help you. We want to be part of the solution.

Call us today or Email and please consider joining our Newsletter – we will never give your information away or contact you, other than through our Newsletter.

Best wishes from all of us at:

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