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Where are we with Roxham Road Now? It is the Facts that Matter

Police blocking asylum seekers from entering Canada through Roxham Road[1]

Recently, CTV News covered a follow-up to the Roxham Road, an illegal immigration crossing spot from the USA to Canada. The issue of why Roxham Road was closed to illegal crossings is not important to this story; what is important is what is happening now. Let’s discuss this, as it is the facts that matter.

The goal of the Liberal government, following public outcries, was to close the flow of the thousands of illegal immigrants who were going around the immigration system to get into Canada. In Canada, we are quite welcoming of immigrants, but that is not the issue; the issue is that many people are waiting to enter Canada legally, and they get hit in the face by those who do the same things illegally.

It seems almost a “century ago,” but it was March 25, 2023, when the Liberal government shut down the crossing. Quickly, the flow of illegal immigrants slowed to a trickle. The faucet was turned off with people watching, but following the end of the news cycle, “surprisingly,” the faucet turned back on.

Now, five months into the “shutdown,” refugee claims are up. Roxham Road may have been closed, but more immigrants are now entering other ways. We all know it is very difficult to stop illegal immigrants, but knowing they are coming, what is the plan?

We see hundreds of immigrants sleeping in the street; we see Toronto and the Liberal government fighting over “who pays?” And we blame immigrants for our housing crisis

The closing of Roxham Road has not done anyone any good, and as usual, some people and some governments hope the issue will go away. But the issue is much bigger than Roxham Road; it is the Liberal government’s abject lack of a comprehensive plan to bring the immigration issue under respectful control.

The Liberal government has set a goal of welcoming 500 thousand immigrants this year, which will require a supply of 125,000 new homes to house the immigrants. What is the Liberal government plan? They have none. Did you know that? Probably not, but it is the facts that matter.

Where does all this lead us? The number of asylum seekers coming into Canada hit 12,010 in July, a total almost 2,000 higher than any month after January 2017. With the world staring a huge problem, shared by Canada, what is the Plan?

Should we expect the government to have a plan that works? Yes, we should expect the government to do its best to have a plan that respects the lives of immigrants and addresses the critical issues surrounding having one-half million people entering Canada in 2023.

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[1] Wikipedia <ahref= >Daniel Case</a>, <a href="">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>

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