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"Facts that Matter” is a boutique consulting firm who’s “day job” is a commitment to helping First Nations reach their social, economic, and environmental goals through implementation of the goals of a circular economy.  With more than 20-years’ experience, we have the proven track record of bringing measurable results to First Nation communities and members.


Please contact us today for a “no obligation” conversation; we are ready to help.


Our “night job” is addressing lies in politics, business, social and environmental issues.  The government of Canada must think we are idiots and do not see the spin-doctoring they expose us to every day.  At “Facts that Matter,” we are here to expose the truth.  Please join us in conversations about things that affect us all.


Best wishes from the team at “Facts that Matter”


Putting it all in Context

I used to be one of those people who really did not believe in global warming, but have significantly revised my beliefs. But, what I see as offered solutions, I do not believe will work. Too much political expediency, too much lying, and too much leaving out people, the planet and profits. Those three things are the basis for sustainability which, in my view, need to be applied to every discussion. This website is about offering discussion. It is here to offer ideas for you to consider while forming your own opinion. You are always entitled to your own opinion and beliefs, and I will always respect that.

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