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Photos of the Environment and Politics

Please contact us with your questions and interest to have us help you navigate the circular economy, seizing  a new era of opportunity and innovation.

A green circle showing that .8% of the 112,432 species have gone extinct since 1500
USA commitment to cut emissions, a flag is the background and in front, a smokestack spewing emissions
A drop of water representing sustainability and the circular econoimy.
headshot of gorilla, black and beautiful
environmental questions about wind farm in newfoundland
Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 6.20.46 AM.png
polar bear walking on thin ice
Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 11.17.45 PM.png
Peircing eyes of a gigantic gorilla
wind farm, part of liquid hydrogen proposal for Newfoundland. Does this deliver on a circular economy?
seaweed harvesting by first nations
Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 9.49.29 AM.png
Biodiversity during the Phanerzoic Period
Reuse, recycle, repurpose, dumpster diver looking for things
First Nation seaweed harvesting
Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 8.13.11 AM.png
$400 billion, the cost of a green electricity grid in Ontario
World and weather
seaweed harvesting within a circular economy
Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 6.22.36 AM.png
First Nation lady harvesting seaweed
Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 6.24.23 AM.png
recycle symbol
supply chain
large ocean waves with surfboarder
circular economy and cruise ship emissions of greenhouse gases CO2
Logo that reconcilliation with First Natons starts here
Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 10.07.16 AM.png
Circular Economy, regrowth of new forest
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