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Sustainability and the Environment

This provides a quick and easy search by sustainability topics that are all tied to our initiative to think about sustainability and environmental impacts through the lens of the circular economy.  We promote people, the planet and profitability as integral parts as we work with companies to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials to their highest value, and assist with the pathway to sustainability.

An EV charging at a electric station


Here find articles about Electronic Vehicles as part of the discussion to a path of sustainability to address climate change and global warming.

The circular economy encompasses the world.  A green globe with the circular economy log around it


Find the latest discussion on issues of sustainability, and sustainable practices with a circular economy.

Green background with fuel nozzle representing clean fuel


The use of fossil fuels is one of the highest contributors to CO2 pollution and greenhouse gas.  Here we cover a range of articles that discuss a pathway to a transition to the use of sustainable fuels.

Green and yellow lightbuld representing ideas for the environment


Solutions to affect our impacts on global warming and climate change are critical to sustainability.  Here we provide a range of articles on potential sustainable solutions.

kids holding plant


Kids are our future.  Find things and articles to engage kids in thinking and doing things to make the world sustainable and a better place

renewable energy

Sustainable Wind and Solar Solutions

Wind are Solar power are major initiatives to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and solving climate change and global warming.  Here we provide discussion on all things to do with wind power and solar energy.

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