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"Facts that Matter" - Environment & Politics
Our Mission 



At “Facts that Matter,” we are not just another company program to implement, or policy to follow. By day, our Mission is to do the world a world of good by helping First Nations achieve their social, economic, and environmental goals. 


By night, we add to our Mission the component of exposing the lies and spin-doctoring, from the government of Canada or where ever it may be.

The government of Canada must think we are all idiots, bombarded by spin-doctoring, we see very little indication government makes decisions other than for purely political reasons, to the detriment of us all.

Our Mission is to expose the truth and have you join in the conversation about things that affect us all.

We will achieve our Mission by:

  • Based upon the principles of the Circular Economy, help First Nations and businesses to determine their environmental best practices in programs, products and services

  • Working with employees, suppliers, owners and  First Nation communities to minimize their environmental impacts

  • Promote facts that matter to combat misinformation, spin-doctoring and lies from any source.

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