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Doctors’ Fight Climate Change with complaint into natural gas

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Thanks to the Toronto Star [1] for the engaging article.


Here is an interesting one for Truth and Consequence by Sustainable Circular Economy, a boutique environmental firm in Vancouver, with the goal to assist communities and companies to consider truth and consequence in their environmental decision-making, resulting in better decisions for people, the plant and profitability.


Profitability to some is a "dirty word." But environmental initiatives cannot live on government

hand-outs alone. We can always have a discussion about "how much," but a project that is

profitable is also sustainable. And projects that are positive for the environment, is that not what we want?

What's the Complaint?

The complaint, alleges that the Canadian Gas Association’s claims that natural gas is safe for your health, environmentally friendly and affordable are “false and misleading.”

Time for Truth and Consequence

Safe For Your Health? - I am not an expert but have read studies that may indicate health problems with burning natural gas in the home. I leave any definitive answers to the experts.

Environmentally Friendly - It all depends what it is compared against. It may not be as environmentally friendly as heating with solar power, but I will go out on a limb and suggest it is much cleaner that cooking with coal. Here, I suggest they missed the boat with respect

to Truth and Consequences by not providing any context.

The group then goes on to say, “Fossil fuels are making us sick,” said Dr. Samantha Green, a Toronto family physician who sits on the board of CAPE. “ There’s no such thing as a clean fossil fuel. There’s no such thing as a green fossil fuel. And that includes natural gas.”

“It’s also contributing significantly to the climate crisis. And as a physician, I’m concerned because climate change is the biggest threat to health that we face.”

What do Do?

The group suggests, “Mounting evidence indicates that natural gas is dangerous for the environment and for human health and that we need to phase out gas use

to address climate change."

No argument from me on the above statement - I am staying away from telling people what is best - that is their decision. Our goal at Sustainable Circular Economy is to present some truth and consequence to the debates. These are not easy topics - highly emotionally charged, fear comes into it, and we face the constant bombardment of political opportunism.

We Need a Plan

What we need is a solid plan built upon what is good for the people, the planet and sustainability - the backbone of the circular economy.

If you would like some help working through truth and consequence in your community or business, please contact us at Sustainable Circular Economy. We would love to help.

Sustainable Circular Economy

Vancouver, Canada

Telephone: (604) 788 7261


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