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Here’s how Ontario feel about a return to COVID-19 mask mandates[1]

Nearly three-quarters of respondents in Forum Research poll say they would follow masking requirements should the Ford government bring them back.

Stop Right There

Follow masking requirements for what? With all the past discussion, people are going to automatically think that the vast majority of the population supports masking for COVID-19 …. Which is probably true; however, the problem with hospitalization is not from COVID. It is from the respiratory virus that has hit early.

The above statement by the intrepid reporters is not a lie, but it does not lead one to the truth.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

I am not a proponent of masking or not masking. At our business we are strong believers in providing information, the consequences of actions, and then it is up to individuals to decide.

At Sustainable Circular Economy, a boutique environmental firm in Vancouver, we specialize in assisting communities and companies through environmental decision-making based upon a circular economy approach, looking at what is best for people, the planet and sustainability.

What Did the Poll Find?

Some observations from the article:

1. That 77% of respondents were already wearing masks, or prepared to wear them again. Obviously they collected the information; how many in each category?

2. That one-quarter of those who indicated they would wear a mask said they’d be motivated to do so should the COVID-19 situation worsen, and about a quarter said they would wear one if there was a mandate. Is that the same “quarter” or are the numbers cumulative? We do not know as they do tell us. Another slipshod of not lying, but not telling the truth.

3. That Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, said “it’s likely that Ontarians are concerned about increasing COVID risks in coming months.”Where did that come from? Out of the “blue?”

4. That “still, the results show a significant portion of the public are not convinced of the idea of returning to a mask mandate.” A 180-degree turn in direction. How are we as the “unsuspecting public” to make any sense of this mess and come to any sane decision about the truth and consequence?

5. That Dr. Fahad Razak, former scientific director of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, said public opinion polls are “important to consider for a policy such as mask mandates that has been so divisive at times” and that overall, the survey results suggest “that the public would be largely supportive of the rationale behind the use of mask mandates.” Here we go, back in the other direction again.

Political Opportunism?

This article took us in one direction, we had a 180-degree turn, and now, with Dr. Fahad Razak, we have another 180-degree turn. I am so confused; I do not know which way to turn. Is this an article for the sake of political opportunism to try to scare us into putting more money into health care?

I am not against more money for health healthcare, but where will it come from? This is the sort of thing we need a discussion about consequence.

Now We Are on To a Crisis

Dr. Razak continued with “the findings show the public recognizes the degree of the crisis and threat we are seeing in the acute care part of our hospital system.”

Then it gets all mixed up again; The findings Thursday come against the backdrop of growing worry among doctors and medical researchers that cases of COVID, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, together could cripple the hospital system in the coming months.

Questions. Are they calling for masking because of COVID? Because of Influenza or RSV, or all of it together? Why is there no discussion about the relative risks, opportunities and consequences so we can make informed decisions?

How long have we been hearing this story?

Hospital leaders and medical professionals are especially worried about the stress on paediatric ICUs struggling to care for young children critically ill with respiratory infections. As of Wednesday, there were 122 children in paediatric ICUs, up from 111 the day before, according to Critical Care Services Ontario’s daily census.

Back to the Masks Again?

If this is not a COVID crisis, what will the masks do to help alleviate the problem of children in the hospital. Are there other options?

Do I as an adult need to wear a mask to help the children?

Ahh Now We are Back To COID

Razak said that “masking is among the lower-burden measures to fight the spread of COVID …. and hospitals (need to) find ways, in the longer term, to shore up staffing in the face of critical shortages.”

Overburdened Medical System

The truth is; the medical systems are overburdened. The question comes down to, “ what do we want to do about it? This story of shortages has gone on long enough – it is time to solve the problem with a process that leads us to the best decision for the people, the planet and sustainability. Only 122 child ICU beds in all of Ontario

WHAT About Today?

Today, we live in a much different world; we have instant communications and seem to be always fighting amongst ourselves. As one reporter suggested, we have two groups in Canada with very different views of where our country should be headed. At Sustainable Circular Economy, a boutique firm assisting communities and companies implement strategies on the basis of a circular economy, we see the issue as coming down to a lack of truth and consequence.

Truth and Consequence

Today, it seems that we do not respect the truth and there is very little discussion about consequence. The only thing that seems important is political expediency, but that is not doing the world a world of good. People are good at yelling, but there is very little discussion about consequences. We just cannot let the world go and get off.

There are solutions, but we need a process that leads us to the best decisions for the people, the planet and sustainability and we need to focus our energies to do that.

At Sustainable Circular Economy, we suggest it is time to getting to making decisions on the basis of doing the world a world of good by doing things that are good for the people, the planet and sustainability.

If your company or community would like to look at what it can do, we would love to hear from you. We want to be part of the solution.

Sustainable Circular Economy

Vancouver, Canada

Telephone: (604) 7889 7261

[1] Toronto Star (Nov 12, 2022). source=ts_nl&utm_medium=email&utm_ email=75859CEDDB18E92ADBBD8E668122990B&utm_campaign=frst_153591

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