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Trudeau still will not bend. He will not do what most of us have demanded, a full public enquiry.

I am not going to rehash comments about conflict of interest, follow the money, what he knew and when he knew it, the lies, the lies and more lies, hiring his good family friend David Johnston, and his previous amorous statements about the regime in China – and much more.

What is this about? Where do we go from here?

The Backdrop

Against the backdrop of Chinese Interference in our democratic processes, Chinese police stations on Canadian soil, MPs and just regular Canadians being intimidated by the Chinese Worker Party, cash flowing for what we benefit we do not know, conflict of interest, and much more, we have Trudeau who will not do what parliament and we have demanded him to do; hold a full public enquiry.

The question is “Why such an entrenched position when parliament and his constituents – the good folks of Canada he is supposed to care about and represent – have all demanded a public enquiry?

What is Trudeau hiding?

What Trudeau is hiding must be big. In my view, there are hidden benefits that all point back to Trudeau. If it was the Chinese working to have the Liberal Party in power, that points right back to Trudeau.

If it were payments to the Trudeau Foundation, that points right back to Trudeau. But there must be much more; no reasonable person is going to – in my view – expose their political career for small potatoes as $140,000. There is something much more, and we have just not found it. That comes to my point as to why Trudeau does not want a public enquiry.

Look At Trump

If anyone has been following the Trump situation in the USA, it will be abundantly clear that over more than two years, much that many did not know is coming out. The same will happen in Canada. There is no more hiding secrets – the USA has proven that.

It may take us a while in Canada, but there are only a few ways we go from here.

Where Do We Go from Here?

There are only two roads that we can all travel. The first is just to give up. We do not have to believe Trudeau or the Liberals to do this; all we must do is turn our backs on all the good people of Canada who have been attacked and will continue to be attacked if we do not get to the bottom of this mess – and accept for all time that the Chinese government owns us.

The second road to travel is to ratchet up the pressure for a full public enquiry. In Parliament, the Opposition can filibuster and take other symbolic measures. But this comes down to the leader who has joined with the Liberals to support them – announcing a separation, leading to a divorce. That is the only action that is going to move the Liberals.

The time for talk is over; it is time for tough action. Sorry, Jagmeet Singh, you got into a rocky marriage with the Liberals. It is now time for you to get out. We can all talk about the Liberals not following the will of the People. I suggest you are not following the will of the People by not announcing the ultimate step.

Sorry Jasmeet Singh, I suggest this is an absolute 应对措施 (copout):1

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is dismissing calls to end his party's deal with the Liberals, saying confidence must be restored in the electoral process before he makes any decisions that could send Canadians to the polls.

"I would question the approach of creating the conditions for an election, or triggering an election, as not serious about protecting our democracy," Singh said Tuesday.

"If we want to protect our democracy, I would think the approach should be, let's put in place new measures … I would like to see a series of steps being taken and that to me would show some real seriousness about protecting our electoral system."

This is the cart before the horse. Does anyone really believe that the Liberals will put steps in place to change what we now face? Naivety at its best.

And by suggesting that the People of Canada want the conditions created to trigger an election, are not serious about protecting our democracy is a slap across our collective faces. It is disrespectful and disingenuous to suggest we, as the People in Canada, do not care. From my position, just exposing this issue has created better protection for our electoral process. All this now will take is for you, Mr. Singh, to take that ultimate step for separation.

It is too bad, and I am sorry this critical issue has fallen directly on your shoulders. I suggest, though, by taking that ultimate step, the electorate will remember.

Let’s get on with it and take the path to a full public enquiry.

Best wishes from all of us.....

Vancouver, Canada


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