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Violence in the Guise of Saving the Planet?

Is this where we are at now? So easy to tear things down, but really hard to come up with solutions.

Not everyone gets what they want. Not everyone can have their way. But when it comes to environmental projects there does not seem to be middle ground.

No matter what someone feels, there is no place for this. Absolute disregard for personal property, and worker health and safety.

How could anyone, any group think that this type of action is appropriate?

This is at the same level as people who think it is appropriate to throw paint or sticky material on priceless objects.

The Project

The project where the violence occurred is the pipeline project to serve the Kitimat LNG facility. The Kitimat LNG facility is providing significant social and economic benefits to the Haisla Nation and other First Nations, all which is allowing them to build sovereignty into their governance and program delivery.

I cannot speak to whether that is good or bad, but the Haisla and the other First Nations have significant Benefit’s Agreements that they agreed to – congratulations to them and their future. That is their decision.

Each First Nation has made its own decision, the way it should be and there is a group of vandals who for some reason thought it OK to do what they did. I am not picking sides or suggesting the project is good, bad, or ugly. I am suggesting that vandalism, threats and intimidation and physical attacks have no place in any of this.

I have worked with First Nation communities for more than 20 years and appreciate the discussions, the determination and the fortitude they have to protect the environment, while building hope, and opportunity and prosperity for their members.

What Do We Have Now?

We have a group of thugs who have exhibited the ultimate of disrespect. They have become violent and threatened the lives of some. There is no justification for any of this – for them, there is no middle ground.

There are those out there who know who did this; I can only hope they will not allow those responsible to hide behind a veil of secrecy.

This is not the way we are going to save the planet. We are going to save the planet by working together to come up with workable solutions. We have been arguing for years about fixing the health care system, something we see every day – and no fix. Throwing money at it is not a fix. How are we supposed to move beyond fossil fuel if we have not even started to talk about “fixing the electrical system.”

I could carry on, but enough is enough. This is not news, this is violence. And I can only hope that those who know, do the right thing today.

Who are We?

Sustainable Circular Economy is a boutique firm in Vancouver Canada. We work passionately to help businesses and communities do the world a world of good by sorting through the morass of issues of environmental sustainability, and helping with considerations of what is good for the people, the planet and sustainability.

If you would like some help, please give us a call. We are always available to chat.

Best wishes for the Holiday Season and the New Year!

Wayne Drury

Sustainable Circular Economy

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