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"Don't Blame Me. It is not my Fault" Says Trudeau

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Trudeau blames everyone else but himself.  If you have been following the Trump saga in the USA, you will recognize the tactic.  “Everyone is against me because the system is against me.” 


Trudeau said, “First of all, there are people who don't listen to anything any politician is going to say, and that is certainly increasing,” Trudeau believes this goes hand in hand with the fragmentation of the media landscape and the decline in traditional journalism. Trudeau continued, “If you don't believe politicians, you don't believe a prime minister; you don't believe all the assembled newspapers and media outlets recording what the prime minister is doing. It becomes harder and harder to break through.”  


What is missing from the above?  One iota of recognition that Trudeau is the problem.  Ethics breaches, broken promises, continuous lying on too many issues to count, like: 


The budget will balance itself – we now have a debt costing us billions. 


Ending first past the post – remember the promise for election reform? 


The India Trip – remember that one with the wardrobe disaster?  He promised 5,000 new jobs and more than $1 billion in investment – It didn’t even come close to happening. 


Deficit Spending – In 2015, Trudeau promised to run modest deficits of no more than $10 Billion.  In 2015, the deficit ballooned to $29.6 Billion, and it has only worsened from there. 


Balanced Budget – In 2019, Trudeau promised a balanced budget.  They ran a $19.8 Billion deficit. 


China Interference – He promised a Commission after many lies.  His commitment to hold a Commission is a lie, too. 


Political Transparency and Openness – Trudeau promised a new era in how government works.  Trudeau said, “This will end secrecy and scandals in government.”  Have we got transparency and openness in government?   


Never Answering a Direct Question – Have you ever heard Trudeau answer a direct question?  If you want that sickening feeling, watch Question Period – Oh, sorry, Trudeau has skipped more than he has attended. 


Freedom Convoy – Trudeau said, “Freedom of expression, assembly and association are cornerstones of democracy, but Nazi symbolism, racist imagery... are not.”  What a nice thing to say about Canadians.   So many lies have been told we will never be able to sort out the truth. 


The End 

That’s enough to support my point that Trudeau is the problem.  At, the facts that do matter, and I believe they do with you, too.  In my view, Dalecourt and the Toronto Star got it all wrong.  Deflection does not work in my book; I hope it does not in yours. 


Thanks for reading because the facts matter. 


Best wishes 

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