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Is the Liberal's Fall From Grace because of Communication's or Actions?

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Is the Liberal’s Fall from Grace Because of People or Actions?  Exploring the Facts that Matter 


This article addresses a pivotal question: "Do political parties win because of people or their actions?" Let's explore this important issue, for it is the facts that matter. 


In a recent piece, a journalist aligned with the Liberal camp outlined what Trudeau needed to do to secure victory in the upcoming election. 


Below, we discuss this issue as it is the facts that matter. 




Chrystia Freeland: A Closer Look at the Facts 

According to the journalist Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister has not effectively communicated with Canadians.  The facts tell a compelling story.  


In 2023, Freeland presented the Liberal government's budget, which included minimal relief for everyday Canadians, such as a slight increase in GST rebates—a mere trickle compared to the economic challenges faced by our families. 


While the budget allocated funds for a long-heralded dental care plan, a staggering $80 Billion was earmarked for the Liberal Green Energy Plan.  Freeland's message about the budget?  “That it is fiscally responsible."  Does anyone believe that, considering the budget is projected to add $130 Billion to the deficit over the next five years? 


In my opinion, Freeland's budgets not only serve as lightning rods for public frustration but also shifts the burden of Liberal spending onto future generations. The ramifications extend beyond the immediate political landscape, impacting the financial well-being of our families for years to come.  Our kids and our kid’s kids will bear the brunt of all of this. 


Steven Guilbeault: Navigating the Facts that Matter 

The journalist also posited that Steven Guilbeault, the environment minister, has struggled to communicate effectively, particularly regarding contentious issues such as the soaring gas tax and the $80 billion Green Energy Plan. 


Questions loom large: Why is the gas tax escalation deemed beneficial? How does an $80 billion Green Energy Plan serve the interests of Canadians?   Guilbeault and Trudeau, positioned at the pinnacle of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, are detached from the daily concerns of regular Canadians. 


For many citizens, the practicalities of living and providing for our families take precedence over ideological pursuits.  Imposing policies like mandatory electric vehicles (EVs) raises concerns, especially when it seems to favour the Chinese economy over our own. 


The Broader Perspective: Beyond Communication 

The issues surrounding Guilbeault and the Liberals extend beyond the realm of effective communication. They strike at the heart of the facts that matter, that are shaping the trajectory of our nation. The implications of these decisions are significant for all Canadians. 


In conclusion, the interplay between political actions, communication, and the tangible impact on citizens forms a narrative that goes beyond mere rhetoric and a problem with communications.    


Best wishes... 

Vancouver, BC 

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