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Nothing for Climate Change - recycled electronic waste is less than 20%

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

We spend $billions and this is what we get: Researchers say in 2020, close to a million tonnes of e-waste was generated in Canada while less than 20 per cent was recycled.

Some time ago, I wrote about this issue and the hidden costs of the non-recycled electronic waste being out of sight and out of mind. The results were not something to write home about, and neither are they today.

Government is balderdash to push $13 billion for a battery plant, tout a yet to be approved hydrogen plant, ban plastics, and, and out of sight, out of mind, 80% of electronic waste is just thrown away, to the detriment of the People, the planet and sustainability.

Government is grand at making pronouncements, but then, there appears to be no follow up. What is the plan? What are the consequences, and looking at these issues as they relate to other environmental pronouncements such as handling EV batteries, one has to wonder how well all of this is thought out?

The most recent study done focused on the life-cycle, from sale to disposal of electronic items such as computers, cellphones, toys, refrigerators and washing machines. We are all buying more – purchases in 2000 averaged 8.3 kilograms, and increased to 25.3 kg in 2020. A three-fold increase and mistakenly thinking our recycling efforts were being rewarded. Not true.

What is the answer? Researchers suggest that more attention should be given to improving repair, refurbishment, and product life extension opportunities rather than focusing solely on recycling and material recovery.

We cannot leave it to government to come up with the solutions, we have to push them and to do that, the facts matter.

Best wishes from all of us.

Vancouver, Canada

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