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Government of Canada | The reason for No Public Enquiry

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

This is not a story of what happened. There is lots of that. This is why we do not have a public enquiry to investigate Chinese interference in Canada.

If Trudeau thought the Chinese interference issue would go away by pulling the “trust” card, it will not. Trudeau lost many of us a long time ago by lying to us just about every time he opened his mouth. His moral standard is so low; he is looking up at the bottom of the bucket, and for some reason, until today, he has got away with most of it.

Trudeau seems to stick just like Trump. There is a fellow whose moral standard is so low he cannot even see the bottom of the bucket, and people still support him.

The same for Trudeau. I will not even mention the character-defining issues from his past; who needs to when there is so much that has exposed that character while he has been our Prime Minister? From the abhorrent way we dealt with Jody Wilson-Raybould, the SNC Lavalin affair, WE, 3 conflicts of interests where he got $1,000’s in benefits from trips to the Bahamas to going surfboarding in Tofino instead of attending the First Nation Unmarked Graves’ event at Kamloops – so much for reconciliation – to who is sleeping in my bed? Oh yea, our Prime Minister, costing us $6,000 per night while more than 5.8 million people cannot adequately feed themselves or heat their homes.

The lies and no answers. Unbelievable that Trudeau can go home and face his family each night. Almost every time he opens his mouth, he gives us the “middle finger” with his words. I guess he learned that from his dad, who gave us all the middle finger on August 8, 1982, from the train in Salmon Arm.

So why has Trudeau not done what we want him to do? Hold a public enquiry. It comes down to following the money; it is because of the Laurentian Elite.

The Laurentian Elite refers to individuals in the upper class of society who live along the St. Lawrence River and watersheds in major cities such as Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

Trudeau and Johnston are part of that group; they are beholden to them as much as he is to the Chinese. Therefore, we will not see a public enquiry until our political masters change. At this point, I trust Pierre Poilievre to deliver on his promise to hold a public enquiry as soon as he is elected Prime Minister. That, by itself, should be enough to change our leadership. I could give “100 other reasons,” but this one is enough.

If there is something we deserve to know, it is what has been happening to our democracy. It is how it is being interfered with by the Chinese and why they have police stations here when Trudeau says they do not. We all wanted a public enquiry, which we did not get.

What David Johnston delivered was the “baby cut in half.” He delivered the Laurentian Elite investigating itself. The fox guarding the hen house. He has delivered nothing that shows we should trust him, and as my wife says, “Words are easy; it is the action that counts.”

The only solution? Time for a divorce. Showing our displeasure at the ballot box is the only card we hold, and it is now time to think really hard about what you do with your vote. Would you put up with all this lying in your marriage or your relationship? Please vote.

To Prime Minister Trudeau: It does not matter that you have confidence in the process. It matters that we do not. You and the Johnston decision have failed all of us in Canada

Best wishes from all of us ...

Vancouver, Canada

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