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There Is No Free Lunch / Canada’s Approach to Climate Change

Government has its Hand in our pocket – who did people think would be stuck with the bill for all the free-wheeling spending?

There are only two things for sure in life: death and taxes.

We may face death from a thousand cuts; we are indeed facing an onslaught of taxes.

What Did People Think Was Going to Happen?

I remember talking to one millennial before the last election. He said, “I am voting for Trudeau because he is bringing in $10 per day Daycare. Being a crusty ole geezer, I asked where the rest of the money to pay for the Daycares came from. – right out of our pockets. The millennial got mad and told me, “Don’t waste my time with that S_ _t.” It was not a brush-off, it was a full-frontal attack, and well before anger, frustration, and violent activism had taken shape.

What do people think was going to happen? At some point, the chickens must come home to roost. Just like with any household, borrowed money must be paid back. Our accumulated debt last year was $1.2 trillion, gowning at about $144 million per day, before adding all the new costs to save the planet.

Please do not get me wrong; I am not against action to save the planet. But I want us to be able to discuss the truth and consequences to arrive at solutions that will make a difference.

A Case in Point

The government just announced a new EV mandate. The cost they suggest will be a minimum of $99 billion. I did a calculation in another blog showing that the actual price will be north of $181 billion. The cost to Canadians to remove the vehicle transport C02 will be about $75 million per MT.

Where will that money come from? Yup, right out of our pockets. But here is the “kicker.” China is adding six new coal-fired plants to provide a new electricity supply to its growing population. While we have protests, and some are violent, we miss the boat on possibly making a real difference in climate change and global warming.

But what have we allowed to happen here in Canada? We have permitted the shutdown of an interim and viable alternative to burning coal. Natural gas produces about 50% of the C02 emissions as coal. Yes, I agree it is not the “best situation.” But it is undoubtedly better than the alternative, burning coal. And, at this point and for the foreseeable future, renewables are not there yet.

What we need is a transition strategy that is built upon truth and consequences. Those who are the most violent, the loudest, get their kicks. With our divisive politics in Canada, though, we fall to the lowest political denominator.

My case in point. We can spend $75 million to remove each MT of C02, which will mean nothing with the growth in China, and then there is India, a similar story of increasing C02 emissions.

Coming to the end

The chickens are now coming home to roost; we have two problems, among many others in Canada.

1. We have failed policies and actions to reduce C02 emissions. We continually face new mandates, and the latest on switching to EVs is a doozie and expensive.

2. There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. We are facing the death of 1,000 cuts, and the government has its hands in our pockets.

The result? C02 emissions at the global level are not decreasing because of the China factor. We do have an opportunity to do the world a world of good, but with our divisive politics, the anger, and the violence, we have effectively shut down any viable alternatives.

All of us will now suffer and be so sad – and I should add, “so expensive.”

Best wishes...

Sustainable Circular Economy

Vancouver, Canada


Wayne Drury is CEO of Sustainable Circular Economy, a boutique firm in Vancouver, Canada, helping businesses and First Nation communities to arrive at environmental solutions that are good for the people and the planet and are sustainable based upon a circular economy lens of reuse, repurpose, and recycle.

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