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Will a Circular Economy save us from Till Debt Does Us Apart?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The way our government is going, we will not have to wait for too long.

Federal Debt is touching $40 billion. Total Canadian government debt is touching $70 billion.

See the whole story in this short Video

When will this madness stop?

When we as the population of Canada say it must stop.

Just look at the social and economic costs to our programs and services – especially health care because of this monstrous millstone around our necks.

And guess what.... we have another 27 cents coming to us because of the Carbon Tax on April 1, 2023. Trudeau does not want to stop that either as it creates a huge new revenue stream for him to spend.

But what are the social and economic costs to us? For me personally, that is one week’s shopping living basically on beans and vegetables. So, to take the RBC’s CEO at face value, I must adjust my “lifestyle. He had the audacity to suggest that people could easily get by, by adjusting their lifestyles. Unadulterated BS. He makes $24 million per year, and we live on beans and vegetables.

So, I guess, I must stop eating for one week per month to pay for the Carbon Tax. Can’t get rid of my car because of work and an EV is priced out of the question.

I want our country to survive and thrive. The way we are going, it will be death will do us apart.

What do you want from your country and government?

Best wishes from Sustainable Circular Economy.

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