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Travelling Trudeau Does Not Care About Global Warming & Climate Change

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


Globetrotting again. Trudeau is off to Korea for the G7 Summit.

Is this just another excuse to ignore the challenges we have here at home, or are there measurable benefits that can come out of Trudeau taking the trips for all of us struggling with high inflation, record defaults on mortgages, food insecurity that has ballooned at least 20% over the past year? I don’t know the answer. Let’s talk about that .... as the facts matter.

Travel Days

Since November 4, 2015, when Trudeau became the Prime Minister, he has travelled out of the country 66 times, visiting 39 countries, including twice each to the Bahamas and China. Doing the math and removing the COVID-19 stay-at-home time, he has travelled at least once per month. Sixty-seven trips in 5.5 years, and he is on track to keep that record for 2023, already having been globetrotting five times since January 2023.

I will not even take a stab at what all that has cost us financially, but here are some of the human costs. What Have We Got? Here are some statistics, all beginning in November 2015 when Trudeau took hold of the reigns:

  • Inflation has cost us 22%. In short, we have lost almost one-quarter of our spending power in the past 6.7 years Trudeau has been in power.

  • Included in the inflation, food costs have risen 29%. More than 5.7 million people in Canada face not having enough food. That is an increase of more than 1 million in the past year. No wonder we can still see the bottom of the shopping basket after dropping $300 for groceries at our favourite local outlet.

  • Gasoline has gone up 47%. I don’t know about you, but I have no alternative for transportation. My vehicle is an absolute necessity, I believe, something that is lost on many politicians as they attempt to force us to take public transport, ride a bike or buy an EV.

  • Home Heating costs are up 36%. No wonder we have such an increase in the good people of Canada who now face energy poverty, along with food insecurity and all the other things we have had to drop to do what the CEO of the Royal Bank in his Gucci Shoes and $10 million salary says we must do; “adjust our spending.” Yup, that is what he said as another family loses their home to repossession. Millions are faced the winter with little or no heat. This hits our kids and elders the most, and not even a “peep” from our leader.

The Ending

One week out of each month, on average for the past 6.5 years, Trudeau has travelled somewhere – and I leave it to you to decide; “what have we got?”.

Any benefits or just deeper in debt for our government and our families?

For many, these issues hit home; they hit the pocketbook. Many are living on accumulated debt, which will come crashing down eventually. But when they realize it, it will be too late.

I remember talking to a few young families just before the last federal election. They voted for Trudeau because he promised them $10 per day daycare. They did not want to talk about the cost – they got angry at me even suggesting anything different and just wanted the $10 per day daycare.

But to make an informed assessment, one needs a complete understanding of all the costs and taxes we pay to deliver on that $10 per day daycare.

The total cost in 2015 for an average family household, including taxes and daycare, was $45,000. Today, with $10 per day daycare, the combined cost is approximately $69,400 on a combined income of $100,000.

Government spending, the $10 per day daycare and Trudeau’s globetrotting have cost each of us $24,400.

Does that $10 per day daycare appear to be a good deal? I know there will be some blowback from those who may suggest it is not Trudeau’s fault. And maybe it isn’t. But I remember, “Look after the pennies, and the dollars look after themselves.” Trudeau’s globetrotting does not even give the appearance of “looking after the pennies.”

We have serious issues facing all of us, and Trudeau’s globetrotting does not help. It is time to hunker down; Let’s talk .... as the facts matter.

Best wishes from us all at and Sustainable Circular Economy, where we work hard to help the world do a world of good for the people, the planet and sustainability. If your community or business wants to see how you can manage profitably within a circular economy, which is good for the people, the planet and profitability, let us help you.

Call us to discuss how we can help your community or business do the world a world of good based on the principles of a Circular Economy.

Vancouver, Canada

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