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Trudeau Flubs

I knew it; Prime Minister Trudeau’s tough guy approach is a flub.

It did not take long for the true character of the Prime Minister to show up. Let’s talk about this as it is the facts that matter.

A few days ago, Trudeau came out swinging (for him, anyway), expressing an assertion that India had participated in the assassination of a person in Surrey. Trudeau said, “Any involvement of a foreign government in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty.”

The Indian government responded by suspending new visas for Canadians. Trudeau was asked what Canada would do; his response was far from responding to the question, and this is not the first time Trudeau has been afraid to respond directly to a question.

It shows the character of Trudeau, who lies almost daily, which is why most of us do not trust politicians. Rather than standing up strong and tall, Trudeau cowered with a response that was a lie and he thought politically correct.

So, for one day, we had Trudeau standing up and then, like with China, Trudeau returned to cowering in his box. Not what we want from our leaders. How can we trust their actions when they will not tell us the truth, and we cannot believe what they say?

I could carry on with my rant, but how frustrating that politicians take us all for idiots. We can handle the truth; we cannot handle the lies.

In his comprehensive research on marriage, Dr. John Gottman[1] described contempt as the number one predictor of divorce. Contempt is poison for marriages, from behaviours such as disrespect, cursing, name-calling, (lying), and anything else that makes your partner angry, frustrated and feeling bad.

All things that we have experienced from the mouth of Trudeau. So, what does he expect? The country is quickly coming to the point of wanting a divorce.

Those are the facts, and it is the facts that matter.

Best wishes from all of us at ...

Facts that Matter is part of a boutique firm in Vancouver, Canada, working to do the world a world of good by promoting truth in government and by assisting businesses and First Nations to address their social, environmental, and economic interests through the lens of a Circular Economy.

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