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Trudeau - "no one saw the secret Chinese interference report"

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Do you believe that no one saw the report? From the company that focuses on solving challenges based on the principles of a circular economy, let’s talk about that .... as the “Facts Matter.”


We are all either enthralled about the issue of Chinese interference in our election process and personal attacks on a federal politician’s family or, possibly, fed up with the government for their lies and fabrications – the spin doctoring. Or possibly both?

As Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun reported, there is an easy solution to this – it can be captioned as “put up or ...... well, I am sure you get it.

All Trudeau has to do is release the Document Tracking Report.

The Tracking Report

Most have probably heard about ex-president Trump leaving classified documents in boxes; that is not supposed to happen. For sensitive documents, such as the secret Chinese Interference Report, every movement, every person who comes in contact with and reads the document must sign for it. With a detailed tracking report in Canada, it would be easy to see “where did it go, who saw it, and when that happen.”

Why doesn’t Trudeau release the Tracking Report? Is it because he has lied about all of this? Let’s talk about that.... as the “Facts Matter.”

Critical to addressing issues through a circular economy are transparency and truth. If we do not have that, how can we be confident that decisions are being made in the best interests of the people, the planet and to implementing sustainable practices?

Two Years to Act?

At least two years. That is when Trudeau and the government are accused of trying to bury this story. If that is true, they put their political interests in front of protecting the interests of a Canadian citizen and our Country.

Trudeau still maintains that no one knew two years ago. But there is the question of withholding information from the public as the federal election was looming. This can all be resolved by Trudeau releasing the Tracking Report.

Contradictory Story

Beyond Trudeau, Jody Thomas, current National Security Advisor, told the federal MP involved that the document went not only to the Privy Council Office but also to relevant departments. Given the nature of this file, that would have included Public Safety and Global Affairs, if not more. Not only would each minister have received a copy, but so, too, would their chiefs of staff. Each would have signed for it.

We go back to the issues of transparency and truth. All Trudeau has to do is release the tracking documents. If they are not released, our only conclusion can be that the response by Trudeau is not factual... and the “Facts Matter.”

The End

Why does the government not just show and tell us the truth? Let us deal with the facts as the “Facts Matter.” In addressing social, economic and environmental issues through a circular economy, how can government believe that they can lie about one thing and we will trust them on another?

All one has to do is ask a family member about lying. Lye once and begin losing credibility. Lie twice, and shame on you. Lie three times and never be trusted again. How many times has Trudeau lied to attempt to protect his political interests?

Some may say, “Oh, this is normal for politicians.” I argue it is not. It is what we allow them to do – and sadly, we only have one option: our choice at the ballot box.

Based upon the principles of a circular economy, are we on a positive path that is good for the people and the planet and sustainable in Canada? I could go on for pages, but this is enough – we all know the issues, and we all have to decide who is best to get us to the environmental goal line; do you vote for the devil you know or the one you don’t?

At Sustainable Circular Economy, a boutique firm in Vancouver, our goal is to engage with businesses and communities to assist in delivering the world a world of good. Our experience for the past 23 years has focused on helping First Nation communities advance their social, economic, cultural, traditional and environmental interests. We work across a broad spectrum of industries to help make projects happen.

Call on us today if you want a company that deals with the facts. Our contact information is on our website. Let us help you bring your project to life in the shortest possible time using the principles of a circular economy.

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